June 5, 2020

C*** M***, BSN, RN, SCRN
Clinical Nurse II
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Olivia T***

Dear Madam/Sir,

It is my great privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Olivia in support of her application for physician assistant studies. I have had the opportunity to work alongside Olivia at Duke University Hospital on our 32-bed neurology and neurosurgery unit. This is an extremely demanding and unique unit; comprised of patients with severe debilitating neurological diseases, ranging from stroke, seizures, and brain tumors, to the occasional general medicine and surgery patients. As a nursing assistant, Olivia excels in caring for all patients across our unit; sometimes being assigned to 16 patients during one shift. Olivia exudes critical thinking skills beyond her peers. She is efficient, caring, and compassionate, and treats all patients with respect, kindness, and patience, even when managing a 16-patient assignment. When I come to work and see she is assigned to my patients, I am comforted in knowing they are going to be given the best care possible that day.

Olivia is determined in the pursuit of her goal. While working alongside her one day, I asked why she wanted to pursue the path of physician assistant. I watched her eyes light up while she spoke from her heart her personal story of illness and what that meant to her in becoming a physician assistant. She explained her past experiences in healthcare and volunteer work, all while working several jobs to get herself through school and finish her pre-requisites. She has overcome adversity and has learned how to understand and care for the patient as a whole. It was evident the dedication she is willing to put forward on this path, all of which are vital in becoming a well-rounded healthcare provider.

Olivia is a team player and comes to work every day with a smile on her face and an eagerness to learn. I am more than thrilled to write this letter for Olivia, as I strongly believe she exudes every quality that will help her succeed in a rigorous curriculum to become the kind and compassionate PA that I aspire to work with. I have the opportunity to work closely with Duke physician assistants and feel that Olivia will be an asset to the physician assistant community.

I know she will excel in her studies and look forward to watching her succeed in this journey!

C*** M***

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