June 30, 2023

Senthil Radhakrishnan, M.S., PA-C
Administrative Chief and Clinical Neurosurgical PA
Department of Neurosurgery
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

Re: Letter of Recommendation – MB

Dear Selection Committee,

It is with the highest regard and greatest enthusiasm that I write this recommendation letter for MB in support of her application for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. I have known MB since she was a junior in college in 2017.

MB shadowed me at work in the summer of 2017. She was eager, inquisitive, and fascinated by the role of physician assistants in healthcare. While she asked thoughtful questions and remained engaged, she knew when to keep quiet and fade into the background. She consistently demonstrated utmost respect and compassion for the patients and their families and interacted with them with kindness. MB maintained her poise and composure when confronted with sick and dying patients and during end-of-life and goals-of-care discussions.

Unlike other candidates who come to shadow only when they are actively applying to PA school, MB chose to do so early in her pursuit to learn about the PA profession and the role of PAs in healthcare. She spent her entire summer shadowing me in the inpatient setting and my colleagues in the outpatient setting. In addition, MB has stayed in contact for the past five years sharing her experiences, challenges, and triumphs in her academic pursuit.

Following graduation from Elon University with a Bachelor of Science in biology with a concentration in allied health, rather than taking an easier route to gain patient care experience, MB decided to become an EMT to gain first-hand experience managing patients and then progressed to a paramedic. I have seen her grow from a novice EMT to a skilled paramedic. On several occasions MB has brought patients from the community as direct admission to my unit and has taken patients, I have discharged to nursing homes and acute rehabilitation facilities. She has excellent bedside manners.

MB has impressed me with her growth and knowledge and I have witnessed her transition from a timid junior to a confident paramedic who can stabilize acutely ill patients. Her role in caring for patients in the community has only strengthened her resolve and determination to pursue her goal of becoming a PA. She has continued to grow as a Medic for the Durham Bomb Squad as well as a medic for the Biological, Chemical, Environmental, and Response Team. MB has been assisting the Medical Director of Durham County with cardiac arrest reviews and data analysis and has taken more FEMA courses specializing in disaster relief. She is volunteering for the at-risk population in Durham County.

As a practicing neurosurgical PA for the past 20 years and the program director of the PA surgical residency program, I am confident MB exemplifies the characteristics of a compassionate, confident, and proficient PA. She consistently demonstrates her strong compassion for not only her patients and their families with her high moral and ethical standards but also for the community at large.

The most impressive quality of MB is her compassion and empathy. Both are admirable qualities and important traits to have as a PA. Without any fanfare or seeking attention on social media, MB silently donated one of her kidneys to a stranger who happened to be in her paramedic class, a young mother in her thirties with complications from lupus.

I am confident MB will be an excellent ambassador for the PA profession and a blessing to her patients. I wholeheartedly support MB’s pursuit of becoming a PA and I am excited about the prospect of having such a kind and compassionate professional as a colleague soon. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.


Senthil Radhakrishnan., M.S., PA-C

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